The Electrical Safety Council (ESC) says that whilst landlords are legally obliged to provide an annual gas safety certificate, there is no equivilant legal obligation for electrical installations. ESC recommends that agent and landlords should have a Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) carried out by a registered electrician at least every 5 years, or on a change of tenancy.

Points to consider:
* warn tenants not to overload sockets and put adaptors into adaptors
* don't attempt electrical repairs, always instruct a qualified electrician
* check switches, sockets and lights are in good condition with no signs of damage such as cracking or burn marks
* Check to seeif the fuse box has RCD protection.
* replace old electrics e.g fuse boxes with a wooden back, cables coated in black rubber, lead or fabric, old, round pin sockets, light switches mounted on bathroom walls.....