GDPR 2018

June 10, 2018
Our website has been updated to include the information surrounding the GDPR 2018. We have included details of how the data controller and the data processor will aim to adhere to the regulation.


January 23, 2017
Constantly being given a professional, faultless service and always at the end of a phone if there are queries .. Always on hand to help out and solve (rapidly) any problems that arise and are always friendly and extremely efficient ! The family share years of valuable experience which has always shone through whenever dealing with them. After years of renting my property out they are the BEST agent I've ever used. My only regret is not having found them earlier after being ripped off and lie...
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Important Changes to Benefit Entitelment

November 8, 2016

Local housing allowance - LHA -‎

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2013 Council Tax Changes

April 2, 2013

Changes to Council Tax Discounts for Empty Properties and Second Homes

Changes to Council Tax Discounts & Exemptions

The Government is allowing councils to introduce changes to Council Tax discounts and exemptions in respect of second homes and certain empty properties. Thereis also a new power to charge an additional amount of Council Tax on properties that have been continuously empty for more than two years. These changes in legislation start on April 1 2013.

Summary of Changes

The C...

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Tenant Beware!

January 17, 2013
Tenants are strongly advised to ensure that they register all the utilities as soon as they have signed up for thier tenancy, and retain receipts for furniture purchased for thier new home....

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Cannabis factory awareness

October 21, 2012

A Burton landlord who allowed one of his tenants to continue cultivating a cannabis factory narrowly escaped going straight to jail.
  As part of our service a member of our team attended a Cannabis Factory Awareness Semiar. The Seminar looked at "Spot Signs" and will be used as part of Periodical Inspection Visits. 

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Cleaning Deposit Dispute on the Rise...

October 21, 2012
According to the Association of Independant Inventory Clerks (AIIC), landlords and agents are increasingly faced with dirty properties at the end of the tenancy agreement, which has ledto cleaning being the commonest disagreement in cases brought in disputes and arise in around half the cases.

AIIC have put together the most common cleaning problems at check out...

* Stained and marked carpets
* Dirty ovens
* Heavy lime scale to kitchens and bathrooms
* Grease deposits in the kitchen
* Dirty window...
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Electrical Risk Warning

October 21, 2012
The Electrical Safety Council (ESC) says that whilst landlords are legally obliged to provide an annual gas safety certificate, there is no equivilant legal obligation for electrical installations. ESC recommends that agent and landlords should have a Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) carried out by a registered electrician at least every 5 years, or on a change of tenancy.

Points to consider:
* warn tenants not to overload sockets and put adaptors into adaptors
* don't attempt electrical repair...
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Web Portal targets benefit tenants

October 21, 2012
The first dedicated property web portal that connects letting agents and landlords with people claiming housing benefit was launched in September 2012. Click on link below to visit the website.
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June 23, 2012

A Wigan Landlord has been prosecuted for putting the life of a tenant at risk by falsifying a gas safety document.

A Middlesex Landlord has been fined after a self-employed builder died while replacing a roof.

.....the HSE are requesting Landlords to become conversant with H&S and to contact them if they have any doubts about safety.

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